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Charcuterie Menu

Dive into the art of fine dining with On Board Charcuterie's comprehensive menu, expertly crafted to offer a diverse array of gourmet selections. Located in the heart of Raleigh, our charcuterie menu features everything from artisan cheeses and hand-cut cured meats to fresh, vibrant vegetable boards and our signature boxes and cups, perfect for corporate gatherings and social events alike.

Each item on our menu is thoughtfully curated to bring unique flavors and textures together, creating perfect pairings that elevate any occasion. Whether you're looking to impress guests at a special event, seeking a luxurious addition to a casual gathering, or in need of sophisticated catering options for business meetings, On Board Charcuterie provides top-tier culinary experiences.

Indulge in our Celebration Boards, delight in our handcrafted Veggie Platters, or enjoy the practical elegance of our Boxes & Cups. Every choice is designed to enrich your dining experience and provide a memorable culinary journey right here in Raleigh. Visit On Board Charcuterie to savor the best in local and international flavors, beautifully presented and ready to enjoy.

Signature Boards

A diverse range of flavorful boards which are all sourced daily and locally

Deluxe Charcuterie Board

Deluxe Charcuterie Box - Service Area: Raleigh to Durham and surrounding areas

With this gourmet charcuterie board, you and your family will never have to go to the store again for that difficult-to-find cheese or spend hours at the grocery store picking out different meats. With this deluxe charcuterie box containing three cheeses, three meats, crackers and breads, you'll be set for any get-together or party. The moment you see the Deluxe Charcuterie Box, you'll know it's the perfect gift for any occasion. You won't find a more complete package in the world. We've gone all-out for this one with cheese, cured meats, cookies, breads, and crackers


Girls Night Out Board

The “Girls Night Out” Board -Service Area: Raleigh to Durham and surrounding areas

We’ve all been missing our girls! Put on your favorite dress and heels, grab your girlfriends, and get ready for a “Girls Night Out”! It’s the perfect board for an evening with your besties and a bottle of wine. This board is both nutritious and delicious, with cured meats, cheeses, olives, nuts, and dried fruit.


Char-KIDDO-rie Board

Char-KIDDO-rie Board - Service Area: Raleigh to Durham and surrounding areas.

Children are always hungry so we created a charcuterie board just for them. The perfect for kids' birthday parties. A Char-KIDDO-rie Board for kids and their parents to enjoy! Designed for kids and made for parents, this is one of the best things you'll ever buy for your little one and their friends.


The Brunch Box

Experience the joy of brunch from the comfort of your own home with our Brunch Box, perfect for two. This delightful box is jam-packed with all the delicious foods you'd find at your favorite brunch spot. From fluffy pancakes and artisanal pastries to savory quiches and a selection of cured meats and cheeses, each item is carefully chosen to replicate the quintessential brunch experience.

Ideal for lazy weekend mornings or as a special treat, our Brunch Box makes it easy to enjoy a laid-back brunch without any of the hassle. Just unpack, plate, and savor the flavors of a perfect brunch with someone special. Whether it's a celebration or a quiet morning in, our Brunch Box brings the taste and charm of your favorite brunch right to your doorstep.


The Signature Box

Our Signature Box is perfect for sharing. This charcuterie and cheese comes with 2-3 cheeses, salami, fresh and/or dried fruit, briney bites, sweet treats and crackers.


Charcuterie Numbers & Letters

Our Charcuterie Numbers and letters are the perfect way to celebrate any momentous occasion. Each beautifully curated character is approximately 14” tall and includes all the deliciousness of our traditional boards and boxes.



Our desserts boards are made in house

Dessert Box

Indulge in a romantic dessert experience with our Dessert Box for Two. This delightful box is brimming with an assortment of sweet treats that are perfect for sharing. From decadent chocolates to luxurious pastries and seasonal fruits, each item is selected to offer a taste of dessert heaven. Ideal for date nights, anniversaries, or simply a cozy evening at home, this dessert box is designed to add a touch of sweetness to any special occasion.

Enjoy the convenience and charm of a beautifully packaged assortment that’s just the right size for two. Treat yourself and a loved one to a moment of pure joy and dessert indulgence with our specially curated Dessert Box for Two.



Vegetable Boards

Delight in our Vegetable Boards, where vibrant freshness meets culinary creativity. Each board is a colorful arrangement of seasonal vegetables, thoughtfully selected for their crispness and flavor. Perfect for health-conscious guests or those preferring a lighter fare, these boards feature a variety of dips and hummus, making them not only nutritious but irresistibly tasty. Ideal for any gathering, our Vegetable Boards offer a refreshing alternative to traditional charcuterie, providing a feast for the eyes and a treat for the palate. Enjoy the crunch and zest of nature's best at your next event with On Board Charcuterie’s signature Vegetable Boards.

Vegetable Crudité

Enhance your charcuterie experience with our Handcrafted Veggie Platter, the perfect complement to any board. Overflowing with an array of fresh, crisp vegetables and paired with savory dips, this platter caters beautifully to vegans, vegetarians, and omnivores alike. Ideal for gatherings of up to 16 guests, it ensures everyone enjoys a delicious, healthy option. Whether you're hosting a party, a corporate event, or a casual get-together in Raleigh, our veggie platter is a must-have addition that promises to delight all your guests. Add this vibrant, tasty selection to your order today and make your charcuterie board a feast for all!


Boxes & Cups

Elevate your corporate meetings and business gatherings with our Boxes & Cups — the ideal catering solution for any professional setting. These individually packaged options are designed to provide convenience without compromising on quality or flavor. Each box and cup is filled with a selection of fine cheeses, cured meats, fresh fruits, and delightful accompaniments, making them perfect for on-the-go professionals or office events where ease and cleanliness are priorities.

Our Boxes & Cups are not only practical but also beautifully presented, ensuring that even business occasions can have a touch of gourmet elegance. Whether it's a small team meeting, a large conference, or a virtual event, our Boxes & Cups offer a hassle-free way to enjoy artisanal treats that are sure to impress and satisfy any group. Choose these for your next corporate event in Raleigh and experience the perfect blend of luxury and convenience.

The Lunch Box


Our convenient lunch box comes jam packed with your choice of sandwich;



Roast Beef

Tomato Basil Mozzarella

Veggie & Hummus Wrap (Gluten-Free Option)

Also includes:



Pasta salad


*Minimum of 10

Contact us to order.


Snack Boxes

MINIMUM ORDER OF 4 Snack Boxes -

Snack Box Charcuterie are a fun, and exciting way to bring your guests together WITHOUT the hassle. We've put together a variety of charcuterie meats, cheese, and other delicious items into individual-sized boxes that can be easily passed around to guests. This is the perfect party staple for any occasion.


Snack Cups

Perfect for any occasion. Treat your guests to their very own charcuterie cup for easy snacking.


Party Options

The Party Tray

The Ultimate Charcuterie Board! This Party Tray Comes on a disposable platter and serves up to 30 people . Ingredients are specially chosen based on seasonal/market availability.


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