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Show-Stopping Displays 

On Board Charcuterie & Catering is the premier charcuterie experience in Raleigh-Durham! Our charcuterie boxes and boards are inspired and individually curated using only the freshest local ingredients and creativity. For the perfect bridal party or girls' night out, we have you covered!

Raleigh's Premier Charcuterie Company 


Charcuterie Artist

Meet Tiana Davis, the creative force behind On Board Charcuterie in Raleigh. As a passionate entrepreneur and loving wife to Chef Bruce, Tiana has turned her love for food and art into a thriving black-owned business.


Her dedication to excellence is evident in every charcuterie board she crafts, combining her keen eye for detail with her extensive knowledge of artisan cheeses, cured meats, and gourmet accompaniments. Get to know Tiana Davis and her journey to becoming Raleigh's premier charcuterie artist, as she shares her story, inspirations, and passion for creating unforgettable dining experiences for every occasion.

Discover our charcuterie masterpieces 🎨🧀 – head over to On Board Charcuterie's Instagram for a visual feast that's sure to inspire! #onboardchar

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Seasonal availability allows for each order to be handcrafted to provide you with an unforgettable food experience. Our boxes and boards contain perfect pairings and rare delights.  They consist of an assortment of cheeses, meats, fresh fruits, Briney goodies, artisan bread & crackers, jams/jellies, decadent treats, and sweet & savory condiments.   


You can also create your own customized box. Just tell us what theme you'd like and we'll create something special just for you.


Grazing Table

Elevate your next gathering with our exquisite charcuterie grazing tables, thoughtfully curated with the finest artisan cheeses, cured meats, fresh fruits, and gourmet accompaniments. Perfect for any occasion, our grazing tables are an elegant and delicious way to impress your guests and satisfy their cravings. 


Discover Tiana's full range of charcuterie offerings and make your next event unforgettable.

Our Happy Clients

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